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Yes, yes. We all love the outdoors.  You and me both…nothing better than an outdoor location for a photography session. Just imagine it…the perfect sunkissed late summer day an hour before sunset.   The sun is trickling through the trees creating the most perfectly beautiful backlight, the sky is gradually turning shades of pink, crickets […]

Five reasons to consider a studio shoot

Babies, Children, Family, Promotional

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Maybe it is the fact that I dropped my middle daughter off at camp yesterday – – an adventure that I’m so happy she gets to experience.  Or maybe it is the fact that my oldest daughter will be entering her junior year of high school – – really, how can that be?  Or maybe […]

Authentic Family Portraiture

Children, Family, Outdoors, Random Thoughts

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All parents must hope that by the time their children reach the end of their high school career, they will have earned some respect from their children.  Something for which their kids can say ‘Hey, my mom is pretty awesome”.  Maybe because she’s been successful in her career…maybe because she’s strong in her faith…maybe because […]

Reason to be proud…

Family, High School Seniors

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I always marvel at families with just boys. The dynamic is so much different than what families with girls (like mine) experience.  It is decidedly fun, boisterous and adrenaline inducing (these two loved to wrestle…part of their everyday life, but I was so afraid of them getting hurt!)  Mom and dad just rolled with it…clearly […]

Life with boys

Children, Family, Outdoors

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One of my favorite movies.  Yes, there’s cute boys…but the scenery, wow.  Stunning.  It really makes you understand the allure of fly fishing… When I first decided to come to Penn State, my dad was so excited…NOT because of our football team (ahem…did you hear that?), but because of George Harvey, Joe Humphries and Fisherman’s […]

A River Runs Through It…

Children, Family, Outdoors

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