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I photographed big brother two years ago at the same age as his sister is now…and I’m sure that in two years, little sister will be just as much of a ball of energy as he was!  If only we, as adults, could have the energy of a two year old…just think how productive we […]

Two years apart…

Babies, Children, Family

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I’ve had a run of babies lately…and many of these babies have devoted older siblings.  They are devoted, I know.  But that doesn’t mean that they always want to be within the same 2 feet of the baby…however I know deep down they are devoted.  That’s what siblinghood is all about…  

Devoted older sibling…

Babies, Children

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One winter right after the other, I photographed a newborn for this family.  Yes, just one short year in between these two!  When I arrived at their house, I wasn’t sure what to expect…in my nearly 9 years of business, this is the first time I’ve photographed a newborn with a sibling only one year […]

Two years in a row…

Babies, Children, Family

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I photographed this couple a few months ago for their maternity portraits…and I immediately thought “wow…Sofia Vergara has NOTHING on this Columbian beauty!”  Such a sweet couple…and their new baby girl will definitely have genetics on her side…

Sofia has nothing on her…

Babies, Maternity

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For some reason, newborn shoots come in waves for me.  I’ll go several months without seeing a single one, and then I’ll have 4 in two weeks.  This winter was one of those times… This was the first of the wave…and what a treat he was!  The family into which he was born…well, let’s just […]

A run on babies…

Babies, Family

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