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Yes, yes. We all love the outdoors.  You and me both…nothing better than an outdoor location for a photography session. Just imagine it…the perfect sunkissed late summer day an hour before sunset.   The sun is trickling through the trees creating the most perfectly beautiful backlight, the sky is gradually turning shades of pink, crickets […]

Five reasons to consider a studio shoot

Babies, Children, Family, Promotional

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It’s winter. It’s cold. It is light for only a short time each day.  But most of the time, when it is daylight…and when there is snow on the ground (ahem…who knows if we will get our regularly scheduled snow this year, and yes I’m complaining!)…the light in my studio is bright and beautiful, crisp […]

Winter Love…”The White Bed Sessions”

Babies, Children, Promotional

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You know those days…when you turn on your camera to find about about 5 shutter clicks left in the battery? And when you go to find your other battery, it is nowhere to be found? And then when you put a memory card in your backup camera, you are given an error? And then when […]

You know those days?

Babies, Children

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Seriously.  This is one cute kid.

Can’t. Stand. It.


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I’m pretty sure this mom deserves a badge of honor or something.  Or a crown.  Because really, I bow down to her!  So calm and mellow too…that’s the key.  A key that I apparently was never awarded upon giving birth…but at least I know it exists!  

And baby makes four…

Babies, Children

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