As a child, I remember rummaging through all of the bookshelves in my house to find books containing blank pages at the beginning and end. The reason? So I could tear them out. There was something so appealing about that expanse of whiteness, whether it was from a romance novel or from How Things Work. The appeal was having the ability to start something from scratch, knowing that I could take that piece of torn out paper and turn it into whatever I wanted with a pen, pencil, crayon or scissors. It wasn’t until fourth grade when my dad turned over his Pentax camera to me that I began the long process of learning the intricacies of apertures and shutter speeds. I then realized the camera gave me the same freedom that I had with those blank sheets of book paper. The possibilities were endless.

About the Artist

About the Artist

High school brought about an interest in photojournalism and darkroom processing for me, and I eventually went on to win several awards for my photojournalism and creative writing magazine work. After moving on to Penn State, I pursued engineering and graduated with honors in Electrical Engineering, a field that satisfied my need for challenging and technical work.

In the summer of 2003, I finally did it. I took the plunge and transformed my lifelong passion and love for photography into a thriving and successful portrait business. What I love the most about photographing children is being able to capture the energy, spirit and innocence of each child. My goal is to capture, if only for a moment, the sheer and utter joy of childhood. While my studio and on-location portrait business primarily focuses on infant and children’s portraiture, I also photograph high school seniors and maternity. I have also committed to a variety of commercial and fine art photography projects, which keep me on my toes both literally and figuratively!

August of 2013 marked my 10th year in business and I have come full circle by recreating my home-based studio after 4 years in a prominent retail location in State College. This move has allowed more flexibility in my schedule and enables me to focus completely on offering my clients the best in authentic portraiture.

My work has been showcased in several local venues and on local and national websites. I am a member of NAPP, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals as well as PPA, the Professional Photographers of America, where I have earned my Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) credentials.

About the Artist

Authentic because it’s real. It’s everyday. It’s emotion and relationship. It’s connection and love. It’s raw. It is me stopping time and capturing the moment that you are in so that it’s with you forever. By definition, a portrait is a descriptive statement and my gift is the ability to use the art of photography to describe these moments for you.

I don’t create what doesn’t exist and I see what others can’t. Sometimes it’s a glance. Sometimes it is laughter. I let relationships and connections unfold in front of my camera – and I watch and I wait – and the authentic moment always comes.

Authentic Portraiture.

I truly believe there’s no other way to remember and be remembered.

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