Yes, yes. We all love the outdoors.  You and me both…nothing better than an outdoor location for a photography session.

Just imagine it…the perfect sunkissed late summer day an hour before sunset.   The sun is trickling through the trees creating the most perfectly beautiful backlight, the sky is gradually turning shades of pink, crickets are chirping, a gentle breeze is blowing your hair ever so gently, your children are skipping gleefully and playing ring around the Rosie.

Or, it could be like this. It is  95° and humid (or 45 degrees and frigid…your pick), the sun is glaring in your eyes causing your family to squint, the gnats are in everyone’s faces, your children are running in opposite directions because there are so many distractions,  the thunder storm that is coming in 20 minutes has kicked up gale force winds causing everyone to look like they are in a windtunnel, and despite your best efforts to create that organic “barefoot in the grass” look, your baby refuses to put his feet down because the grass is just *too* textural and your 8 year old stepped on a stinging nettle. Good times.

Yes, I’m being fairly dramatic. But what can I say, that’s my tendency. Ask my mom.  But the truth is that as long as I have been photographing families, children, babies, and high school seniors I have had a fully functioning studio and I can certainly attest to the upside of choosing a studio photography session for your family.

1…The Weather…I always joke that I am a part-time weather forecaster. During my busy outdoor shooting season, I am constantly checking the weather. I have learned how far in advance to panic, and when to make the call to cancel.   I’ve gotten used to it, it’s part of my job.  But it tends to add stress for my clients. Obviously a shoot in the studio takes away the weather worry._MG_1071-bw7x5

2…Time of Day…you may have heard about the ‘golden hour’; that’s the hour before sunset (or the hour after sunrise…but between you and me…that’s kinda early).   During the golden hour sunlight is beautiful, soft and dynamic.  Generally speaking, it is the ideal for outdoor lighting.   But let’s face it, as a photographer I can’t schedule all of my shoots during this time. And even if I could,  we seemingly have more overcast days than not here in central Pennsylvania.   And during the late fall and winter, sunset is in the late afternoon so that combined with work, school, naps and mealtimes…scheduling a photo shoot can be a logistical nightmare.  When my children were young, early evening was generally a nightmare…the ‘witching’ hour.  They were cranky, tired, hungry and generally miserable…so having success from a photography session at that time would be challenging at best.sullivan card back2

3…Control…ok, I admit it.  I’m a bit of a control freak.  I’ve been in denial for a while, but I’m finding that my family deals with me better now that I admit the fact that I’m high maintenance.  So yes, I like being able to shoot in the studio where I can control the lighting, the temperature, the backgrounds and the four walls beyond which toddlers cannot escape._MG_4427xbw8x10

4…Out of the ordinary…December brought about an influx of holiday cards.  Lots of bright and sunny faces frolicking in the fields with cheerful Christmas sentiments to match.  But now that we are in January, there’s nothing.  Nothing but bills.  So how awesome would it be to open up a Valentine’s Day card from your aunt’s family?  Or a funny Groundhog’s Day card from your neighbor?  Think out of the box…never let them know what to expect.  So if you meant to get out holiday cards but couldn’t find a single spare minute to do so (ummm…this may or may not be me?)…try something new for your annual card this year…_MG_4484xcolor

5…Simple…I tend to shoot very simplistically in the studio.  Clean and classic…pure and simple.  What perfect conditions to capture authentic expressions and connections…ss10x20frame

At the end of this month I am hosting Valentine’s Day Limited Edition studio sessions.  Treat yourself…I promise it will be fun…

Dates: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, January 26, 27 and 28

Investment: $300

Includes: One framed triptych with three 5×5 or 5×7 images…OR…one 16×20 canvas

AND…three gift portraits (8×10, 8×8, 5×5, 5×7 or 4×6) for gift giving or 814-777-0473 to schedule…

Five reasons to consider a studio shoot

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