So, it is January. Early January. And let me tell you, 2015 was not my best year for staying physically fit.  Moving into a new home (and studio),  racing all over town with three teenagers, adjusting to life with a blended family, dealing with several family illnesses in the fall…let’s just say that I’ve been in survival mode. And by survival mode, I mean ‘wine, chocolate, and oversleeping’ mode.  So yeah, my jeans are a little tight and I can’t do my bendy yoga like usual, but it’s ok…cause I’m pretty darn happy and to be 40 and happy…well that’s just lucky. And blessed.

That said, I’m only going to be buying new clothes because Anthropologie is having a sale…not because I need a bigger size, so 2016 will be starting off with some serious restraint. I’m reconsidering my ‘never run another half marathon’ mantra…and I’m actually pretty tired of seeing anything with sugar in it, so that can only be positive thing.

So today what did I do? I made cookies. Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. Yep, I did..for a few reasons…

#1…there were chocolate and PB chips in the pantry leftover from Christmas baking and that was bugging me

#2…one of my greatest memories as a child was coming home from school to smell warm chocolate chip cookies. My mom loved us through baking..and why wouldn’t I want to give my kids that feeling even if it is in early January?

#3…I actually had a good run today (in the cold sunshine…the best!) so cookies can’t hurt and besides, showing restraint doesn’t have to mean not having any cookies at all…it can mean just having one cookie…

So go. Make some cookies. Pinch of Yum has THE BEST recipe for soft chocolate chip cookies…and the greatest thing about it is that it only takes one stick of butter (i.e., it’s a small batch!) so my family can easily decimate the batch before morning and tomorrow can be another day.

Pinch of Yum Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie

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