Here we are…New Year’s Eve 2015.  In just a few short hours…a new year…a new beginning.  The process of addressing and stamping my stack of 2015 client thank you cards over the past few days has left me feeling simply grateful…and has given me an overwhelming sense of pride.  I have been entrusted to capture the most precious of memories…the most beautiful of moments.  It is humbling to me and I am so incredibly thankful.  2016 bookings are already underway and I’m looking forward to working with returning and new clients alike…

Tonight I will run the First Night 5k (well…ok…run/walk…I’m out of shape!) with my kids…and tomorrow I will inject as much love and light into 2016 as I can muster…during these dark dreary days of winter in Central PA, we need all we can get…

Happy New Year my friends…

Coney Island, Spring 2015IMG_6276

Bedford Springs, Summer 2015IMG_0838

Portugal, Fall 2015IMG_0097

Disney World, Fall 2015IMG_0258

The sidewalks of State College, Fall 2015
IMG_0279 (1)

Looking back…and moving forward…

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