It’s winter.

It’s cold.

It is light for only a short time each day.  But most of the time, when it is daylight…and when there is snow on the ground (ahem…who knows if we will get our regularly scheduled snow this year, and yes I’m complaining!)…the light in my studio is bright and beautiful, crisp and clean.  After the crazy holiday season filled with an excess of *everything*…I’m always drawn to the simple things in life.  As an anecdote to the winter doldrums and to the passing holiday season, I have created the White Bed Sessions.  A limited time where the studio will be set up with a big fluffy comfortable white bed.  These sessions are perfect for babies, toddlers, school aged children…and yes, they are perfect for mother/child portraits as well.  And even two or three GROWN children (hey siblings of mine, wanna come up and do a selfie with me?)

When I see these images of innocence, my heart literally twists and turns and aches for the simpler days when my babies were babies.  But sometimes, even now, those sweet girls of mine still rest their heads on my shoulder, and for that I am grateful…

The White Bed Sessions 2015

Dates : Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, February 2, 3 and 4th, 2015
Location : Heidi Lynne Photography’s warm and cozy home studio
Investment: $200 retainer
Included : One 30 minute session, 15 images shown in b/w and color, an in-studio viewing appointment with Heidi’s expert ordering guidance, $200 portrait credit towards portraits, wall art or digital collections
Contact Heidi at 814-777-0473 or to schedule your session

Winter Love…”The White Bed Sessions”

Babies, Children, Promotional

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