You know those days…when you turn on your camera to find about about 5 shutter clicks left in the battery? And when you go to find your other battery, it is nowhere to be found? And then when you put a memory card in your backup camera, you are given an error? And then when you put another memory card in and it works, you find that the camera won’t autofocus because you neglected to remember that you set it to backbutton focus howevermany years ago? And then when you realize that your studio light transceivers need new AA batteries but those, too, are nowhere to be found?

Yeah, me neither.

Ha! Luckily, some clients just go with the flow. And luckily, some client’s kids are just the sweetest things ever. And luckily, I found the bag with both sets of batteries 🙂


You know those days?

Babies, Children

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