April is such an interesting month…the mood swings of the general population seem to follow the mood swings of Mother Nature. It is amazing how quickly we can transform into happy and cheerful beings…my kids can attest, spring is a good, good thing in our house. As the saying goes, if mama ain’t happy…ain’t nobody happy.

Today I was trail running with a dear friend and I felt like we were in Narnia – – as the sun broke through the clouds, the green undergrowth seemed to be on a time-lapse reel. We were running our usual average pace, but the landscape around us literally felt like it was bursting to life at warp speed. I won’t get all metaphorical here, but needless to say, I absolutely need those moments of wonder…soaking in the beauty of our surroundings, and welcoming the peacefulness that I need to consciously seek for my life. These moments don’t just happen…they don’t drop into my lap…I need to create them. I invite you to do the same…

The times, they are a-changing…

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