All parents must hope that by the time their children reach the end of their high school career, they will have earned some respect from their children.  Something for which their kids can say ‘Hey, my mom is pretty awesome”.  Maybe because she’s been successful in her career…maybe because she’s strong in her faith…maybe because she bakes a mean peanut butter cookie…it could be just about anything.

I feel like this year I’ve photographed quite a few seniors who are exceedingly proud of their moms.  And gosh…well…I’m proud to know these moms as well…inspiration walks through my studio door almost constantly!  But I think the pride that this senior has for his mom goes far beyond what most seniors have the ability to gain in just 17 years of life.  His mom is a fighter…one who defies the odds…an advocate…a strong and beautiful woman who has refused to stop looking for answers and who keeps fighting tirelessly while still photographing soccer games with much more skill than this professional photographer could do.  I often wonder how I would fare when faced with such adversity…but I can tell you that if I was blessed with even a small percentage of what this amazing woman has offered the world, I would be one incredible lucky girl…

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month…wear teal…educate yourself…and support those who are fighting the fight.


Reason to be proud…

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