I’ve been wanting to put together a FAQ for quite some time, but of course there are never 20 continuous hours for me to work on it…so I’m going to blog particular questions that I frequently get asked.  Questions about the way I work…why I make certain decisions with regard to my business…or what to expect as a client.

Will my images be shown on your blog or Facebook page?

Yes.  Well…not necessarily.  Let’s just keep it at ‘maybe’.

There are several factors at play here.  First and foremost, clients can choose if their images should be shown to the world.  Every client fills out a portrait agreement and in that agreement is a model release, which allows me to use the photos for marketing/display/advertising.  Or not.  I understand that portraits can be very personal and intimate and that clients value their privacy.  The Internet is a big place…I get that, and if a client does not want their photos shared, I will not share them.

For those that do allow me to use their images, I typically will not post them to my blog or Facebook page until after the order is placed.  I do this for several reasons – – I want the client to be the very first person to see the photos.  I don’t want them to get a phone call saying “OMG! I just saw your photo on Facebook!”.  And what if…just *what if* I post a photograph that the client doesn’t care for?  You know how it is…you are out to dinner with some friends and the waiter takes a photo of your group with your iPhone and your friend posts it to FB, and only then do you realize that you are half blinking or that you have gravy on your chin. Now I won’t post photos of clients that are blatantly unflattering, but you know how it goes…different strokes for different folks.   I’d like to think that my clients will love EVERY SINGLE PHOTO that I take, but the reality is…there will be some that I love and choose to include in the proof selections, but the client just won’t like certain ones.  VERY RARELY are my favorites and my client’s favorites the same.  So for that reason, I generally like to wait until my client chooses their favorites, so I know which ones to show to the world.  Lastly, I don’t fully process/retouch images until they are in my order processing queue.  If I am to post images online, I most certainly want them to be perfect…and when they are perfect is when they are set to go out the door for printing…

Of course, take this all with a grain of salt.  Sometimes I break my own rules.  Sometimes I just can’t stand to NOT post an image I took just an hour prior 🙂


You ask…I answer…


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