And here we are…just HOURS away from the day that my kids have been counting down to for the past month.  Yes, my friends, the last day of school is just THREE DAYS AWAY.  The early days of summer are sweet…before the hot and humid days of July and August hit, and before the big surge of high school seniors which send my logistically balanced parenting into a tailspin.

I’m always lucky to get a handful of seniors to photograph in June and I’m anxiously awaiting the first one just next week!  I have a lot of great new studio bling, as well as some fun location ideas to keep that right side of my brain happy.  A few weeks ago I had a local high school student shadow me for a day so I tested out one of my new backdrops – – it is, in and of itself, a piece of art!  I think the dynamic it gives to black and white portraits is just as much fun as the pop of energy that the color provides…

I am now scheduling into July and August for 2013 senior portraits (and oh yes…families and children and newborns too!) so if you are looking for a specific date or time of day (keeping in mind that many fall sports/activities start ramping up in early August), give me a call!

A new class…

High School Seniors

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