We’ve all had nicknames at one point or another…sometimes the nicknames stick, sometimes they don’t.  Luckily ‘Boss Hawg’ (thanks Dad!) didn’t stick…but ‘Heidi Line’ did.  Well…kind of.

My middle name is Lynne.  I always liked the ‘e’ at the end…I thought it gave my name flair.  A little something extra that all of the Lynn’s in the world just weren’t lucky enough to have.  And because the English language is the way that it is, my dad started calling me ‘Heidi Line’, because really…the ‘e’ at the end could technically make the ‘a’ long.  Or maybe not…these rules are never hard and fast.

Fast forward 30-some-odd years…and now I run a business with my name…and it has had that name for close to 9 years.  When I was deciding on a name, I didn’t go the usual route of using my first and last name because I wanted to be a little different, like the ‘e’ at the end of Lynne.  It is me…my business *is* me…but it has to have a little flair, so I used my middle name…and it is so endearing when client’s children see me and call me Ms. Lynne.  Many times over the past 9 years, clients/potential clients have mistaken me for Heidi Lynn Photography…but upon doing a Google search, they quickly realized that it was Heidi Lynne..with an ‘e’.  But lately, this case of mistaken identity has become a little more of an issue…because there *IS* a Heidi Lynn Photography!  The difference?  She’s in Minnesota!

There’s no point to this post other than to point out the ‘e’.  So maybe it’ll stick!

And because I have to have a picture…

Not my best time…not my worst…but during this race, I finally learned to enjoy smelling the proverbial roses along the way…

Heidi ‘Line’

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