So I have all of these great lenses…a perk of being a professional.  Any time somebody asks me what camera they should buy (if they are serious about photography), I emphasize that the money should be spent on the lens, not necessarily the latest and greatest camera because as any photographer knows, it is all about the lens.

Without getting into the technical details, an element of what makes a great lens is its maximum aperture…the decimal number listed after the focal length.  While I have a couple of lenses that have a maximum aperture of 1.2 (50mm, 1.2L and 85mm, 1.2L in my case)…I NEVER EVER EVER shoot at that aperture.  Because it is REALLY REALLY HARD to get spot on focus, especially at close range.  And especially with a longer focal length lens.  It is a risky venture with a paying client…so I usually play it safe at 2.0 or 2.8, which still produces beautiful results because the lens is superb.

So when my dear friend (and fellow fabulous photographer) visited me last weekend, I threw caution out the window and played a little.  And the results were…WOW!  Of course, the kids are stunning themselves, but what an awesome effect that aperture gives.  I should ‘play’ more often…

And no, the group shot was not at 1.2…that would be IMPOSSIBLE in the studio…

Adventures at 1.2


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