September was a tough month here in central PA..we had a whole lotta rain.  It seems silly for me to complain about it…I mean really, my basement only flooded a tiny bit and I had to reschedule only a handful of clients…compared to what some folks in our state had to deal with…I had it easy.  But still…it was darn annoying.  And for high school seniors…there are deadlines…there are schedules to contend with…there are logistics to work around.  So rescheduling isn’t always an option…and as my schedule got pushed further and further back, I was hesitant to make that call.

The day that this senior came in was rainy, but we were able to jump outside during a few dry spells…if there’s only a mist, I’ll shoot!  Before I came into the studio, I figured I’d try to make the best out of the rain…and I picked up the most colorful umbrella I could find…and I couldn’t have been happier to see that she had something to match it perfectly…

Take *THAT* rain clouds!

High School Seniors

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