Isn’t that a trendy little ditty?  I *heart* this…I *heart* that…  I came across a website the other day that was “I *Heart* Organizing”.  *GULP*  Talk about a guilt trip!  Who has time to vacuum every single day!?!?!?

So for me…I *heart* a lot of things.  And the reason I do what I do is not because I *heart* my camera, or I *heart* Photoshop…or even because I *heart* beautiful light/fields in the evening/vintage furniture/studio lighting/etc.  It is because I *heart* my clients.  Each and every one of them.  I often find myself apologizing for talking too much during a shoot…because even more than taking the photos, I love learning about them…finding out what makes them who they are…figuring out how to make them laugh.  It’s what makes ME tick…

I *Heart* My Clients

High School Seniors

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