Yep, I’m talking Nirvana.  The 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking album Nirvana just passed…unbelievable.  TWENTY years?!?!  One of the greatest songs on that album is Come As You Are.  In its simplest meaning…don’t be what everyone expects you to be.  We all struggle with this concept in our lives…the 5 year old in Kindergarten heartbroken because he feels like he shouldn’t bring his blanket to school.  The middle school student who doesn’t want to wear makeup like all of her friends are doing.  The high school student who doesn’t want to attend college because he just doesn’t know what direction he wants his life to take.  The parent who doesn’t put their kid in a multitude of activities with the hope that the kid will turn out to be a Rhodes Scholar/Olympian/Carnegie Hall Pianist/Supermodel.  At some point, we need to just be who we are…let the naysayers say what they’ll say…and be happy and content.

My clients take this concept of ‘Come As You Are’ to heart…and it couldn’t make me happier.  If you aren’t a suit and tie kind of guy or a glitz and glam kind of girl…or if your family doesn’t look like it stepped off the pages of JCrew…well, then…don’t come in that way.  Because it just won’t be *you*.  There is enough fake imagery in this world…I certainly do not want to contribute to it.  So when these brothers showed up at the farm wearing what makes them who they are…I just had to smile…

Come As You Are


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