It’s true…some years I have a hard time getting excited for Arts Fest.  It doesn’t happen often, but when I’m overwhelmed with work, kids schedules, and my mom isn’t coming up for her annual arts fest ‘mom and daughter’ weekend, I definitely lack the motivation to brave the crowds.

This is that year.

But one of the high school seniors that I recently photographed was working on a project – – the Italian street painting on Heister St.  I promised her I’d stop down to take some shots…and I had to follow through on that promise.  As I began to photograph her, I instantly remembered the street painter in Rome that I photographed several years ago – – I hadn’t made the connection until I saw her through my lens.  I am so, so glad I went…to give her the gift of seeing her art through my lens…but also to bring back those fond memories of my time spent in Italy…

Street Artist

Art on Heister…


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