Sometimes my discussions with my children revolve around what they don’t have and what others do have (yes, I realize it needs to be the other way around).  For example…tonight, my youngest was belly-aching about how she only has one American Girl doll, but her sister has 3.  And worse yet, one of her friends has 9.  NINE American Girl Dolls!  I raised my eyebrows at 9, and they quickly reminded me that this particular little girl is an only child.  So I quickly reminded them that what that only child doesn’t have, is two sisters to love.  Of course I got sighs and eye-rolls at that comment!  Yes, I understand that they may not appreciate it now, but someday…they will look back and be so thankful for the love and support and companionship that their sisters have given them.

Seeing siblings that have gone beyond the bickering stage…beyond the competitive stage…it gives me hope that my children will someday reach this point.  They will truly love and support one another through the ups and downs of life…and for that, *I* am grateful.

9 American Girl Dolls…


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  1. Kristeen Scott says:

    It’s true! One day, that will be all they have. My parents preached and preached and preached and they were right! I love my 3 sisters more than anything…now!

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