I’m always a little nervous before each shoot.  But before this one, I was more so than usual.  Why?  Because she is a photographer herself (and a talented one at that!), so I couldn’t help but feel a little anxiety…I mean, what if I screwed up?  What if she’s not impressed?  What if…{gasp}…she could have done a better job herself?!?  But as is the case with so many things in life, a little nervousness is good.  I’m sure Michael Phelps still gets nervous before every race…and that helps propel him to success.  I’m not comparing myself to Michael Phelps (that would be reserved for Annie Leibovitz)…but across the board, getting a little nervous is a good thing.  And after 8 years of doing what I love, I’m glad my clients still get to see me sweat…


High School Seniors

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