Ever since I photographed my very first high school senior 7 years ago, I have done ‘pool shots’.  It is tricky finding the right time of day (that bright harsh sun!)..the right angle…the right expression.  I don’t want these swimmers looking like drowned rats, but I also don’t want them looking too ‘perfect’.  You know…perfect hair and makeup by the pool?  That just doesn’t sync.  Swimmers have such drive and determination and passion for what they do, so I try to get that to show in the portraits that I take.  And now that my family is thoroughly entrenched in the cult that is year-round-swimming, these types of shots have even more meaning to me.  And if they’ll let me, I might even photograph my own girls poolside when it is time for their senior portraits.

Let’s see who you are – Part II

High School Seniors

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