As a photographer, I see all ages and stages of kids.  And when I first hung the Heidi Lynne Photography sign outside my door 8 (!!!) years ago, most of the kids I photographed were in similar ages/stages as my own.  But as nature would have it, my kids are growing at an alarming rate. And I realized yesterday, as I sat on my front porch editing on my laptop, that a significant part of the day goes by where they manage to not need me.  While this is not a bad thing and I’m certainly not complaining, it is a constant reminder that they are not little girls anymore…and that before long (10 years to be exact), I will have a house full of college students.  GULP.

So, please.  Can we rewind a bit?  Can we go back to the days of sweet innocence. Forget the peace sign t-shirts and Speedo team suits…I want a summer full of floral dresses and sandals and flowers in their hair…

Rewind please…


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