Is that show still on?  I never watched it…but from what I saw of it on commercials/ads/etc., it looked pretty lame.  Voyeurism at it’s worst.  And not to mention…how did the phrase ‘Big Brother’ get to have such a negative connotation?  I mean…I get it.  Nobody wants ‘Big Brother’ watching over us and telling us what to do and being a ‘tattletale’…we need our government to take care of us, but we also want to be left alone.  No…this isn’t a political statement, but rather an emotional one about the ties that bind our families together.

From somebody who has an actual big brother, I have to say…it is a *GOOD* thing.  Yes, my brother did his fair share of tattling, beating up on (shall we bring up the BB gun incident), teasing and overall torturing of his little sister…but at the end of the day, I knew that he would always stick up for me.  I remember all of the bad stuff…but I remember the good too.  I distinctly remember one incident when we were playing at a park when I was 4 or 5 years old.  I was on the swings…and some older boys came up and started to tease me and tried to get me to get off the swings.  And in comes my big brother…only 3 years ‘big’…but he got those big boys to go away. Nothing like in the movies…there were no punches thrown or blood drawn…but what was there, was a feeling of protection.  I knew that despite his ‘big brotherly’ ways, he would always have my back.  And all these years later, I feel the same way.

So when I photographed these siblings a few weeks ago, I knew that this big brother was a good one.  Big brother was at an age where many boys would roll their eyes at having their pictures taken, let alone with their little sister.  But not this one…he was so polite and patient and incredibly loving towards his little sister.  It was a beautiful thing for me to see…and I think the photographs speak to the special relationship that they have.  Let’s hear it for big brother…

Big Brother

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