It is funny to hear some of the comments I get from clients.

“Oh, you didn’t get *anything* at the shoot…my kids were so wild”

Or…”Wow…this is a great shot, but…this just doesn’t look like my kid.”

It’s true…what I see and what my clients see are sometimes totally different.  During the shoot, parents are usually focused on their kids behavior and while I’m egging them on to be wild and crazy (’cause that’s how I roll…), the parents are cringing because the kids aren’t being the cute and sweet creatures that are on the front of Family Fun (I’ve been on the other side of the lens with my kids…I intimately know this feeling of horror!).  “Trust me”, I tell them…  And they do!

When I edit a session, I pick out the shots that I love…and the ones that I think the parents will love (which, incidentally, are not always the same).  Occasionally, one strikes me for artistic reasons…lighting…mood…expression…etc.  So into the proof pile it goes.  But when the parents see it, they can appreciate the photo for the qualities that I’ve mentioned, but sometimes they don’t think it looks at all like their child.  I love getting to know my clients on a personal level, but sometimes I just don’t know them well enough to be able to recognize when a shot has that strange ‘it’s not them’ quality.

I had a shoot last week in which we embraced the glorious springtime weather.  High noon…bright sun…gale force winds (though I will try to forget the gag-reflex inducing smells from the freshly manured fields nearby).  I’ve photographed these girls before, so I really enjoyed playing with them…and I’m certain they had fun as well.  After one particular game, their mom said to me…”Did you see that?  Did you see them pushing each other out of the way?”  I hadn’t…I was frantically trying to focus on them running towards me (which isn’t an easy task!).  So when I pulled this shot up in Lightroom…I laughed.   I *do* see it!  As the youngest of 4 children and the mother of three daughters, I can easily see the sisterly competition…that slight little push to say “I’m first!”.  But…these girls are twins…they’ve been pushing on one another since before birth, so it must be part of their daily routine!  But I’m quite certain that the laughing and giggling is as well.  And that is what *I* see…I absolutely LOVE this photograph.  And I hope their parents see it the same way that I do…

What do you see?

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  1. Christ a says:

    i love it! so far the only person who doesn’t like it is the twin who is NOT winning the race.:)

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