I photograph a lot of high school seniors, but every year, I also photograph a few PSU seniors.  It is always a lot of fun for me…but with this particular senior, I got to walk around campus and enjoying the sights and sounds of dear ole’ Penn State.  It’s not that I’m never on campus…I am there quite frequently.  In the late spring/summer/fall, I photograph clients at many campus spots (along with every other photographer in town!) and I often plan my jogging routes through campus to break up the monotony of my neighborhood.  But this time, it was different.  We spent a great deal of time chatting while we were waiting in line for the Nittany Lion Shrine and while we were walking across campus to Old Main.  It was such a joy to talk with this bright young woman as she is ready to leap into her new life, diploma in hand.  It brought back lots of memories for me…when I stood in line at the shrine with *my* family…when I was given a trip to Europe as my graduation gift (I opted for California…but eventually got to Europe 10 years later!)…and when, upon looking at my diploma at the BJC, I discovered that I graduated with distinction (I’m an engineering geek at heart…).  Campus is always pleasant…even on the dreary days.  But on this day, it was particularly spectacular.  Within a matter of days, it was transformed from a colorless and sterile landscape to one that is rich with color, life and energy.

Maybe I should go back to school…

Ah…the memories…

High School Seniors, Outdoors

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