Gosh, I feel like I’ve blogged about this before, but tonight as I was looking through the archives for some great colorful ‘Mom’ images, I began to think about the shots that I have of ME with MY girls.  As is the case with most moms, I’m always the one with the camera around my neck.  I’m a mom…that’s what i do.  And…well…because I’m a professional photographer.  So there just aren’t a whole lot of photographs of me with my girls.  Several years ago, I traveled to New Jersey and my dear friend, Noelle Roberts, photographed me with my girls on the beautiful Princeton campus.  I learned SO MUCH that day…I learned about how absolutely difficult it can be to be in front of the camera!  Finally…I was the one stressing about my kids’ behavior…I was the one worrying about humidity-stricken hair…I was the one who walked away thinking that there was not a solitary good shot.  But you know what…just like my clients always are, I was SHOCKED to see the images that she captured.  And EVERY SINGLE DAY, I look at those photographs hanging on my walls and I smile.  So many moms come in and say they don’t want to be photographed with their kids.  I get it…I truly do.  We are always so hard on ourselves and the only day we really feel like being photographed is the third Thursday after the new moon before the summer solstice in years ending with odd digits.  But I urge you…jump in…just a few.  You won’t regret it…

One of my most prized posessions…

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