Guess what next Sunday is?  Nope, not your anniversary.  Well, maybe it is…but hey, I’m not responsible for knowing that.  It is MOTHER’S DAY!

And what does your Love want for Mother’s Day?  I mean…besides a clean house, well-behaved children, a meal cooked FOR HER and of course those cute wedges heels from Nordstrom?  She wants thoughtful.  She doesn’t want a shirt that you grabbed from Target out of desperation because you didn’t know what else to get.  She doesn’t want new tires for her car or a potted plant from the tent on the side of the road.  She wants to feel like you really wanted her to have something special…the opportunity to create lifelong lasting memories of you…and her…and those gorgeous kiddos that you created.

So here’s the deal…this week, snag a gift certificate for her.  You will receive a 50% additional value on gift certificates purchased through this Friday, May 6th.   A minimum purchase of $50 ($75 value) is required and a maximum purchase of $500 ($750 value) is allowed. The gift certificates are redeemable through December 2011.  This offer will be honored through 11am on Friday, May 6th, so that I am able to get the certificate to you in time for Mother’s Day.  Please email to take advantage of this offer…

Pssst. Hey dads…


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  1. tires…check
    Call Heidi for a gift certificate.

    Wow, social media really does work.

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