If there is something that the Catholic church does right (or more specifically, MY Catholic church)…it is baptisms.  Without going into the details, the baby is immersed (immersion…not SUBmersion folks!) in the baptismal font and then held up high (think the Lion King) for the congregation to welcome.  Further into the ceremony (which is almost always held during a regular mass…a truly welcoming day for the baby), the sign of the cross is made on the child’s head with the annointing oil.  And let me tell you..if you have ever smelled this oil…you know that it is truly divine.  After my girls were baptized, I didn’t wash their head for at least a week so I could keep smelling it…and the scent always lingered for quite some time on their hats/bonnets…

So when this little guy came in a couple of weeks ago with his baptismal outfit…I was so thrilled to smell his little knit cap!  Because it still had that wonderful divine scent…

And my goodness…what a stinkin’ cutie pie!



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