The end of the year is always a wonderful time to look back and reflect on the body of work that I’ve created with my camera over the past 12 months.  And this year, I wanted to do something fun…a little contest of sorts.  I’ve gone through and selected 10 of my favorite images from 2010.  Images that, for one reason or another, really spoke to me.  So between now and Tuesday, January 11, the client whose image that receives the most votes will win either a 16×20 wrapped canvas portrait of that image or a complimentary session to use (or share) in 2010.  So spread the word…and get those votes in!  Votes are tallied in the comments section…so have fun (and remember that I must first approve the comments before they appear on the blog)!  The winner will be announced on Wednesday, January 12.

It’s A Contest!


  1. Ed B says:

    No. 6. You can’t pose stuff like that. Great pic. My vote is No. 6, for sure. (My HM would be No. 10, FWIW).


  2. Lisa Giacobe says:

    Guess you can’t vote for all of them. Fall is my fave season so #9 works for me!

  3. Claire Katz says:


  4. Sandi Watson says:

    Ohhhh – this is sooo hard. But, if I can only pick 1, it would be #10

  5. Lindsay says:

    #10 for sure…love, love, love!

  6. Sean says:

    I have to vote for the two cutest kids in the world….or at least my world. 🙂 #9!!

  7. Jenn says:

    I vote for picture # 9.. What cute kids : )And fall is my favorite time of year!

  8. Heather says:

    So hard to choose!
    I’d have to go with #9!

  9. Holly Negron says:

    #9 Those two are absolutely adorable!

  10. Connie Jagolinzer says:

    They are all so amazing, but must go with #9… they are having too much fun!

  11. Erin Stube says:

    # 9!!!!!

    9 all the way!

  12. Casey says:

    #10 for sure! What handsome guys!

  13. Kimberly says:

    #10 is my favorite!

  14. I vote for number 9!

  15. Melissa says:

    I vote for #9! It’s a great picture of two of my favorite kids!

  16. Erin Benedetto says:

    I pick #10!!

  17. Jennifer Altamuro says:

    Oooh, #9 Please! These are two of my favorite kiddos in the world, and you captured their joy so perfectly.

  18. Dana says:

    #7. Louie is the cutest thing EVER!

  19. Heather says:

    #9 for sure!

  20. Dede Long says:

    Voting for #9. Miss the fall. Love the kids.

  21. Jason says:

    I vote for #10!

  22. Sam says:

    #10 is adorable

  23. heatherm says:

    These are beautiful! I vote #9 b/c that sort of energy is difficult to capture, the colors are lovely, and it looks spontaneous (which is also difficult to accomplish).

  24. Kelsey Ream says:

    LOVE NUMBER 10!!!! First son on his arm and second son in him arms!

  25. Rebecca Whelan says:

    I vote for #10! The picture is beautiful. It is a perfect picture of a father’s love for his new baby boy.

  26. alistair says:

    #10 by and tats!

  27. Pam Velasquez says:

    #10- ADORABLE!

  28. Kristen says:


  29. Krissy says:

    #10 is my favorite! Such a cute father son moment!

  30. Mike Jacki says:

    Number # 10 BY FAR….

    shows how precious life is and how dependent we are on parents…
    it perfectly depicts how fragile our children are!!!!!!
    That should inspire all adults to take care of our most important resource….
    our children!!!


  31. Geoff says:

    #10-Great Shot

  32. Bennett says:

    #10… Great Pic

  33. L Witzig says:

    #9 – two children playing in the leaves

  34. Brenda Hartman says:

    Number 9 – Adorable!

  35. Diane Higgins says:

    Heidi, I can’t pick just one…but #9 captures it all! But for second and third…#4 and #6. Btw…Your’e awesome!

  36. Georgeann says:

    #7, a cute little Louie!

  37. Nona says:

    #7 Cool Dude is my choice!

  38. Rebecca Ream says:

    Picture #10 – it portrays love and adoration

  39. Jess says:

    #10..sweet picture!

  40. Suzanne says:

    Vote # 10.

  41. rob darden says:

    Picture #10 – My Lily likes the little one.

  42. Stephanie Sillery says:


  43. Deb Witzig says:

    Number Nine!

    Thank you.

  44. Kelly Fitzpatrick says:

    #10 is by far the best! Such a perfect image of pure love and adoration! SO PRECIOUS!!!

  45. Jennifer says:

    All Really Beautiful pictures. What a wonderful job you do. I vote for #9

  46. Dolores says:

    It has to be #10,the composition is pure and simple but says so much about a parent and baby relationship, the wonder of a new life.

  47. Leslie says:

    Beautiful pictures! I vote for #10!

  48. Lynette says:

    I loved looking at all the pictures in the contest. However, my favorite one is number 9. You have really captured the innocence of childhood in this one.

  49. donna says:

    # 10 captures such a beautiful moment between and father and child….

  50. Christina says:

    #10 love the edgy tenderness

  51. Ric says:

    Photo Nine is Number One.

  52. Adam22 says:

    Give it to number 10.

  53. roseanne says:


  54. Kate Rishel says:


  55. Katie says:

    I vote for No. 10 I love it!

  56. Kieran says:

    Number 10 is my fave picture

  57. Katie says:

    I vote for No 10 I love it!

  58. Lynda Kasmala says:

    I vote for #9!

  59. John M says:

    #9 – you captured pure joy.

  60. Ben Thompson says:

    My vote is for #9!

  61. Linda says:

    It’s #9 — what fun!

  62. Dr. Lisa says:

    Who are those super cute kids in #9? Truly a winning photo!

    I’m impressed with the way this photographer appears to capture her subjects’ personalities — well done!

  63. Dale McClelland says:

    voting for photo #9. what a great way to spend the day and these two kids rock.

  64. Sandy says:

    #9 – so cute

  65. Hailee says:

    My vote is #9

  66. Paul says:

    I vote for the father and son photograph no 10

  67. Susan Holley says:

    Wow! What talent. So hard but I would go with #9 and a close behind is #2 & #3. Beautifully framed.

  68. Amy says:

    #7- little Louie!

  69. Anne says:

    I vote for #9–Beautiful children and colorful surroundings.

  70. Kevin says:

    #10 is it in to win it!

  71. Sandy Muller says:

    #9 is ADORABLE!!!! My 2nd pic is #4 is that a mini Jen on the right?!!! Wow! Great pics Heidi!!!

  72. Jen Rand says:

    Although these are all beautiful in their own right–and I particularly like the one with Hannah G. and her sis, #6 is too fabulous. It has my vote. Kudos on another great year, Heidi!

  73. Christie says:

    #9 M & P are always so adorable, love them in the leaves!

  74. Brent Smith says:

    Who can’t love a pair of kids playing in the leaves in the fall. The colors are vivid and the whole scene brings back fond memories of my own childhood. #9 all the way!

  75. Douglas Mace says:

    1 is excellent, 4 is a little washed out, but 9 is perfect.

  76. Peggy Huey says:

    I like #5 blown in the wind

  77. amy says:

    #10 is toooooooooooooo cute!

  78. Lynn S says:

    Love them all but tats rule so #10 my vote

  79. Kelly says:

    #6 is an amazing shot!! Being the big brother must be rough!

  80. May Tou says:

    I vote for #6!

  81. Kimber says:

    #6 has my vote! ROTFL! It’s a great shot 🙂

  82. Ann M says:

    I vote for no 10 – Paternal love. Ann

  83. Thomas Cessna says:

    I am voting #6 for your picture of the year! Love the expression and you were able to get the picture!!

  84. Maggie says:

    I love number 6-the expression is priceless!

  85. Marcy says:

    I would like to vote for #6…too cute!

  86. Kayne says:

    They are all great, but #6 is my favorite!

  87. anne walker says:

    10 for me, what a beautiful moment captured by camera xxx

  88. L riegel says:

    #10 shows a TRUE love from a father to his newborn son.

  89. gary says:

    Number 10 is tops for me…..

  90. Leni says:

    #6 gets my vote!! You caught a great moment!!!!! I just love it!!

  91. Jodi says:

    vote for #3

  92. Tina Maggi says:

    #6 is my favorite (and my favorite neighbors, too!!) Zach and Luke are the best!!

  93. Lori Turrisi says:

    #9! That is a great moment in time–not only for those two happy children, but, for a lot of us when we were kids! Love a lot of the photos, but #9 gets my vote!

  94. Danette says:

    My vote is for #6. Love the pic. True brotherly love.

  95. Heidi says:

    #9 — spontaneous and adorable.

  96. Robin says:

    #7 — I love the sweet look on his face. Beautiful!

  97. Bud Whitton says:

    #10 for me shows the bond between parent and child

  98. Andrew Whitton says:

    Vote #10

  99. Alaina Henry says:

    #6. I love Zach and Luke!

  100. Amy says:

    Babie’s touch the world with love x

  101. Amy says:

    vote #10

  102. Paul Tanner says:

    I Vote #10 as this looks like the best bond between the tough and the not so tough, as persieved by the image – great!!

  103. Lorin says:

    #9 fa shizzle!

  104. adam says:

    10.. winner!!!

  105. Carol Dabulis says:

    My vote is for #6

  106. gary says:

    #10 father/son pic rocks

  107. tooker says:

    #10 for sure, awesome photo.

  108. Kelly Mackay says:

    #10. How can you not vote for that? So beautiful…

  109. Col Mack says:

    Number 10 easily

  110. Jeff Neely says:

    #10 all the way, great pic!

  111. Molly says:

    #10 is sooo cute – love it!

  112. Tracey says:

    Love #6!

  113. Deidra says:

    I vote for #6 it is awesome!

  114. Brandon says:

    #10 is my choice

  115. Lynne says:


  116. Shandra says:

    I vote for #6! So precious, and captures the best photo expression ever!

  117. ChkChk says:

    I’d have to give the win to #10.

  118. dave says:

    #10 is the best

  119. Lee says:

    No 10 def.

  120. Donna says:

    #10 because it’s beautiful.

  121. David Boca says:

    #10 is the Greatest–Father & his son

  122. Bob Latch says:


  123. Emily Myers says:

    Hi, love your work! The Picture of Zach is so HIM-silly!!!
    Love it so much! My vote is for # 6 if it is not too late!

  124. Stephanie says:

    #6 is awesome!

  125. Paul Tanner says:

    I vote for #10 a real good picture

  126. Diane says:

    My favorite is #6…you can’t pose for that face!

  127. Vince Biggs says:

    Voting for #10 a lovely moment captured

  128. connie says:

    My vote goes to #6

  129. Dee & Mike says:

    We VOTE for # 6, for sure!!!!!!! 🙂

  130. Dee & Mike says:

    Vote for #6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Alesha says:

    #10 is the best!

  132. Heather Berkhous says:

    Of Course all your pictures are amazing and capture all our hearts…however #10 stood out to me, the look on this father’s face….ugh so sweet 🙂

  133. ww girls says:

    We Pick #10…love you baby Carter!

  134. Donna Kellogg says:

    My vote is for # 10

  135. Linda Yarranton says:

    My vote is for #10 – LOVELY!!!

  136. Amy says:

    Voting for #6 – his expression is priceless!

  137. Chris says:

    #6 Zach’s expression is all “big brother”

  138. Noah says:

    I’ll vote for the mother and son in photo number 10

  139. Jana says:

    #10, so cute!

  140. Lou Pole says:

    My favorite is 10…

  141. Patti Collins says:

    1,3, and 6 love love love!! Can’t decide!! 🙂 okay okay #1!

  142. Missy says:


  143. Susan Bardo says:

    #10 is my pick.

  144. Beth says:

    all are beautiful…but I LOVE LOVE LOVE #6 (although you captured the eyes in #1 in a beyond amazing way…but overall #6 gets my top vote)

  145. Renae says:

    Ohhhhh #6 is my pick for sure!!!!! What a PRICELESS EXPRESSION on his cute as a button face 😉

  146. Malissa says:

    I love #10. It is so artistic and beautiful!!! What a wonderful photo.

  147. owain clegg says:


  148. Patty Chapman says:

    My vote is for #6

  149. Rebecca Chapman says:

    Love #6. That’s my vote.

  150. Thelma Kulpcavage says:

    My vote-#6

  151. Jonathan Stube says:


  152. Mon says:

    No. 9: great energy with the kiddos and colors.

  153. Courtney says:

    #9 love the fall colors! 🙂

  154. Shelley says:

    9 🙂

  155. Jeffrey D says:

    # 9 all the way!!!!!!

  156. Michele says:

    They are all beautiful, but my favorite is #2

  157. Leigh says:

    #6 is the BEST!!!!!

  158. Steph says:

    #9 – too cute!

  159. Roxane Miller says:

    #9 they are the two most wonderful kids that I get to see their smiles 5 mornings each week. 🙂

  160. gretchen Miller says:

    #9 so cute!:)

  161. Cathy Hockenberry says:

    What a natural, awesome pic! Love #6 !!!!

  162. John Hockenberry says:

    #6 is my vote…have to add that your photography is great

  163. Angela Barry says:

    #6 great shot

  164. Mike Bosack says:

    I vote the handsome brothers #6

  165. KellyD says:

    Love all of the pictures, but catching such a quick, silly expression like in #6, takes such talent! #6 has my vote!

  166. Judy Nelson says:

    Number 9…. emits pure joy!

  167. Angie says:

    Pretty pics, I love #10

  168. Corey says:

    Easy pick #10

  169. julie says:

    I like # 10

  170. Brian lee says:

    # 10! Great composition, it’s a stronger image than the rest. It has the essence of a fine photography or art magazine. Most of the others “in comparison” seem more like the kind of photo that comes in an empty picture frame.

  171. Frosty says:

    #10 is a great shot!!!!!

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