I was at the studio this morning working (well, I was actually shopping too…Surface is one-stop Christmas shopping!) and a woman I photographed over the summer stopped in.  We chit chatted and she reminded me about how we were sweating bullets during her shoot…and now…well…not so much.  This week’s bitter-cold snap has been brutal.  And to think…it is only December.

Anyway…she was fun to work with…lots of fun.  And in looking through my July files, I found another one I wanted to post…and another one.  And then another one.  And therein lies my adult ADD…I’m too easily distracted.  But hey…summertime cheer in December…that’s a GOOD thing…

There’s that one…oh wait…and *that* one…


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  1. Michelle says:

    These are gorgeous! I love them all.

  2. Mary Abbott says:

    Love #9!

  3. Lora Mejia says:

    It was tough picking a fav out of the 10….they were all GREAT! But after a family vote we got with #8 🙂

  4. Veronica Cessna says:

    I vote for #6, very dear expression!

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