My oldest daughter’s best friend is a ballerina…and she has been for quite some time.  And she is good…very, very good.  I’ve known it, and my daughter has too…but neither one of us had actually seen her perform.  So yesterday I took her and my youngest (middle daughter is apparently anti-dance?) to see the Nutcracker at Eisenhower Auditorium.  I was so pleased to see a performance that was truly worthy of being staged at the same venue that has been graced by so many other world renowned artists.  The Central PA Youth Orchestra performed first…and I was blown away by them.  I’ve begged my children to play the cello…but so far I’ve got a pianist turned violinist, a pianist/flutist and a yet-to-be-determined musician (I’m thinking rock or pop singer for that one)…so I can’t complain.  Yes, as much as I like my typical running music…believe it or not I have Yo-Yo Ma on my iPod running playlist!  I’m not an expert…and really don’t know a lot about classical music…but I just drink it up.  And yesterday’s unexpected performance was a real treat.

The theatrical ballet performance of the Nutcracker was just as impressive.  Really?  Some of these kids are in high school?  I mean…there were itty bitty ones, of course, but the talent of some of those middle-school and high school dancers…wow!  Not to mention some of the ones who are MY AGE!  Gasp!  I’m so glad I went – – as any mother of three girls would think, I always figured my odds were pretty high that I’d have a dancer somewhere in the mix.  Nope.  Not me.  They’ve all got their own thing…and that is fine.  But I am happy to have them learn and appreciate the beauty of ballet…and classical music.  I am a firm believer that art and music complements the education of math and science…it is a win-win, well-rounded education.  And it is fun to see them flit and float across the parking lot, imagining, even for a few seconds, that they were the Sugarplum Fairy…

Some recent violinists and ballerinas…

Ballerinas and string instruments…


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