Sometimes when I walk out of my house, I have a little skip in my step…because I feel a  little stylish.  I’ve pulled off something that looks cute and trendy…and it works for my middle age (gasp) confident and creative businesswoman persona.  Granted, it isn’t very often…because I am big into the plain t-shirt with jeans look…but every now and then, I feel like I could strike a pose and be on the cover of Vogue.  Imagine THAT!  Ha!

So yeah…I’d love to be more stylish..but I do what I can with limited resources (Central PA), limited income (bad economy) and limited assets (did I mention middle age?).  Then these adorable clients come in and it knocks me down a few notches…they could wear paper bags and make it look stylish.  So I hang my camera on my neck and realize that I’m just lucky to photograph such beauties…

What a schlep…

High School Seniors, Outdoors

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