My middle daughter was blessed with a lot of things…beautiful blue eyes, whimsical freckles scattered across her face, broad shoulders, big feet (hey, you can always find good deals on larger than average shoes!).  But despite the delicious color of her hair (sometimes it looks like spun gold)…she wasn’t blessed with a great head of hair.  It is thin…very, very thin.  And because of this, it looks better when it is short…and of course, all elementary school aged girls want long, thick, flowing hair.  You know…that ‘American Girl’ doll type of hair.  Just yesterday, she cried before school because you can’t do ‘anything’ (pigtails, braids, etc.) with her hair.  And the fact that her younger sister DOES have that kind of hair…well, let’s just say that doesn’t go over well AT ALL.

But I do feel her pain…I’ve always had hair issues.  For a long, long (way too long) time, I just kept it long.  Long, one length, no layers, no color, no nothing.  Blah blah blah.  But several years ago, I FINALLY got out of that rut (thank you Colette!).  And still 90% of my days are bad hair days…so when these high school seniors come in with such gorgeous locks of hair, I definitely get hair envy.  But hey, I’ve got big feet.

Hair issues…

High School Seniors

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