It is football season here in Happy Valley (and everywhere else)…and everyone has that excitement in their step.  The weather is cooling slightly, the students are back on campus and on any given home football Saturday, if you are within a few  miles of Beaver Stadium, you can hear the roar of the crowds and you can smell the aroma of burgers and brats (and beer…can’t forget that!).  Much like other college football institutions, Penn State fans are diehard.  The true fans…the ones that never miss a game whether they are sitting on an icy cold metal bench in the stadium, whether they are watching on tv, or whether they are listening to it through headphones at a wedding…they truly bleed blue and white (and some of them also bleed black and gold if they hail from the western side of the state).

But what happens if one of those diehard fans marries a diehard fan from ANOTHER school?  Is it kind of like that famous democrat marrying that famous republican?  Do they just agree to disagree?  And when they have kids…which way will the kids go?  This little guy I photographed several weeks ago will likely be one of those conflicted children.  His mama is a South Carolina Gamecock…and his papa is a Penn State Nittany Lion…so what will he do?  Who will he root for?  Given the fact that he is living here in State College, I don’t see how it can go any other way…GO PENN STATE!

As an aside, I love this shot from this little guy’s session – – it is an outtake, but it is one of my favorites.  It is kind of a ‘behind the scenes’ shot…and I love the parents loved it too!

Conflicted at birth…


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