I need to get on my blog, she says. My last post was over two weeks ago.

My 11 year old, she likes to read my blog.  She looks over the years of posts and reads every word I write and she randomly brings up little tidbits that I’ve written…it is nice to know she’s listening.  At least when I’m writing anyway.  Maybe I should write something subliminal about how wonderfully sweet and funny she is.  And how I love her quirky sense of humor and her passive way of cautiously observing new situations before she jumps in.  And maybe about how she should have some interest in shopping for school clothes?  Because at this rate, we are going to have to go back to Catholic school so she can just wear a uniform.  But I digress…

This is another sibling of a senior I photographed several years ago.  And she’s just as photogenic as her big sis…dark hair and blue eyes has to be the prettiest combination…

So says the 11 year old…

High School Seniors, Outdoors

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  1. Madeline says:

    Your daughter is very mad at you.

  2. She is a senior. She is beautiful. WOW.

  3. Sherri W says:

    OH my heavens. She is beautiful and you captured everything about her! I love love her choice of dress and color. It really pops and that particular shot of her is FANTASTIC!! OH my word I hope she purchases it!

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