It’s funny…sometimes when I mention to people that I’m photographing seniors, they look at me with question.  Why would I be photographing a lot of senior citizens all of a sudden?  No, no, no…HIGH SCHOOL seniors!  July-September are the months for them, and I love it!  It is really ‘neat’ (if I may use that silly word) to see all of the blooming personalities, interests and styles…and then I realize that all too soon, my girls will be in that same position.  We are starting middle school this year, and I know how quickly it will all pass.

I just closed out booking for August, so all senior shoots from here on out will be scheduled in September (or October for non-SCASD seniors).  Summer is almost O-V-E-R…oh my…

This was my first 2011 senior from a few weeks ago…total classic beauty…


High School Seniors

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