I’m pretty darn lucky to know and love a lot of strong women in my life, and I gather inspiration from them all every day.  Truly and honestly.  From my mom and sisters to my high school BFF’s to my ‘townie’ friends…I’m surrounded by some pretty inspirational and beautiful women and when I think of the position I’d be in without these women…well…let’s just not go there.  Visions of a noodled mess in a heap in the corner of my bedroom comes to mind…and granted, sometimes that happens anyway, but by and far, I get through life one day at a time with a little divine inspiration…’with a little help from my friends’.  And don’t we all?

Where am I going with this?  Most of the time my job puts energetic little creatures in front of my lens…and I get inspired by them.  I jump with them, I laugh with them AND at them (and they laugh at me!), I roll on the ground with them…so from the little ones, I gather physical energy.  But sometimes I have a client that is a little different…a client that gives me a little spiritual and emotional energy boost instead.  A recent shoot brought an incredibly strong women to my viewfinder and I felt so lucky to be in her presence.  A woman that really ‘gets’ it – – her physical strength is evident, but talking with her gives a clear understanding of her strength of spirit, faith, love and motherhood.  A woman who knows that to define herself, she needs to go beyond just being a mom…just being a wife…just being a woman.  And so my ‘strong women’ network grows…

As an aside, while training to become a childbirth instructor many moons ago, I had the privilege to witness the first (super fast and unmedicated) birth for this strong woman.

And two more kids later…

Strong women…


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