It’s funny how my business comes in waves.  Yes, I photograph high school seniors from July-September, but that is fixed…the school from which I photograph the most seniors has a yearbook deadline of mid-October, so it makes sense that those sessions happen then.  And of course, fall is big for families (leaves on trees…gearing up for Christmas gift giving…etc.), but for some reason, newborns come in spurts for me.  I knew I’d get hit hard this month when I had several maternity sessions a couple of months back.  I’ve had three newborn shoots in the past two weeks, and three this week (one of those shoots will be twins!)  For lil’ ole me…that’s a lot!  But it has been fun…and it is always surprising how I’m blessed with the grace to have the patience for it all…the poop, the pee, the screaming, the feedings, the hours on end…

If only I had that patience with my own kiddos…

Baby, baby, baby…


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  1. Claire Katz says:

    Unbelievably sweet Heidi!

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