No photos in this post…just my babbling.

Today I was sitting on the couch after my girls got home from school.  They were gobbling up their snack at the kitchen table and I was engulfed in a great book (Committed, by Elizabeth Gilbert, if you were wondering).  The older two girls finished their snack and went off to practice piano and violin…and I was left there with my little baby.  Well…my 6 year old baby.  She was totally unaware that I was watching her, and I got in a solid 5 minutes of just watching her eat her snack.  Not an exciting event, no…but let me tell you, how often do we sit back and really look at the details of our lives?  Or more importantly, the details of the people we love the most?  In my house, we are always rushing to swimming…piano…whatever.  So there isn’t much downtime, but with 3 kids, what do you expect?  Anyway…back to my watching my daughter.  The light was streaming in and highlighting her school-tousled hair so perfectly…her little shoulders shimmied as she sang to herself…her foot tapped when she reached for another orange slice…her brow furrowed as she tried to get the bitter white flesh off her orange piece…her lips smiled as she looked outside and saw the flurries floating from the sky…her face contorted as she played around with blowing her cheeks in and out…and finally, she noticed I was watching her and she gave me that sheepish little smile that she gives so well and said “mom, do you *really* like the songs that I make up?”  Truly, there is nothing more beautiful sounding than those songs…

What I capture in the kids that I photograph is these little things…the little looks…the little expressions, emotions, moods.  Because not only will we not remember those little things, we often don’t even take the time to see them in the first place.  So I encourage you…relive what it was like when they were babies and you watched them all the time.  Now that they are in their own world and so much more self conscious of what is going on around them, figure out a way to just see those little details.  It will be an incredible 5 minutes…I promise.

Looking at the little things…


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  1. Life in Eden says:

    It is hard to remember to stop for those moments, but they are so very important. Sweet thoughts about your girls. 🙂 And love the pictures of love.

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