If your professional headshot has you wearing a leisure suit, shoulder pads or 80’s hair…or if you barely recognize who exactly that is on your business card, you might need an update.  A professional headshot is a representation of who you are…the business you have…and the image you are trying to portray. If you aren’t quite happy with the way you look, take advantage of this opportunity to get an update.  Normally $150, headshot sessions are $100 on Wednesday and Thursday, February 17/18 from 8:30am-12noon and 5-7pm.  The session includes 15-20 minutes of studio time, online previews and one high resolution, retouched file for use in your marketing/web/promotional materials (along with the rights to reproduction).  Backgrounds range from traditional and classic to bright and fresh to dramatic and contemporary.  Please email Heidi at heidi@heidilynnephotography.com to schedule an appointment if you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Professional Headshot Open House – February 17/18


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