I could begin this post by saying that I’m ‘safe’ with days 11 and 12 and that I don’t have to apologize for taking nearly two weeks off from the original 12 day blogging streak.  I could say I’m safe because the 12 days I started blogging with aren’t the actual historical 12 days of the Christian Church…they are the ones I chose to blog on leading *up* to Christmas. But in truth, the 12th day of Christmas is the feast of the Epiphany…January 6th.  So I’m pretty safe…and I don’t have to apologize.

But that isn’t why I’m not going to apologize for missing nearly 2 weeks.  I’m not going to apologize because…I just needed to take a break.  A break from my camera, my computer, my office, my studio.  When I opened my new studio 6 months ago, I quickly became overwhelmed with the entirely new business model into which I had jumped.  It has been drastically different from the business I started 6 1/2 years ago, and to say I’ve had growing pains is an understatement.  As all working parents do at some time or another, I’ve struggled to keep all of my balls in the air.  Not only has my business struggled with a variety of inefficiencies, but I have struggled to stay present with my kids, I’ve let my running routine and yoga practice slide and my house is just plain filthy.  This is all because as any self-employed person knows, it is all too easy to let your business become your life.  My business is me…it is my vision, my motivation, my passion.  But, I just can’t let it be my life.  Because those other things (most importantly, those cute little girls) are just as important.

The struggles I’ve had are actually good.  They are good because it has made me realize my weaknesses and where I can improve.  I think that for me, the biggest thing will be to compartmentalize a little more.  For one…I will only schedule shoots/ordering appointments/consultations on Wed/Thurs/Fri (with an occasional Saturday).  The lion’s share of my workflow is not when I’m actually with my client…it is all of the backend work.  So if I am able to have more structure to my week, I can have solid days of editing/ordering and solid days of client interactions.  Another thing that will help tremendously…handing off more tasks to my illustrious assistant…she has mad organizational skills…I should have her live with me!

My business has changed, yes.  But my main purpose for holding that camera in my hand has not…I love the connections that I make, and I love the personalities and moments that I capture.  I can’t imagine doing anything else…


The 12 Days of Christmas – Days 11 and 12


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