Yep.  Today is Monday…December 21…day 9.  It isn’t Tuesday the 22nd, day 10.  Trust me.  My blog…I make the rules.

One of my favorite kinds of sessions are the ‘day in the life’ sessions.  They are 3 hours long…which is a long time to be ‘on’, but it is really a lot of fun. I get to know the family…I get to see the laughter, fun…and yes, sometimes tears.  The final product of these kinds of sessions is a coffee table book – – a ‘storybook’, so to speak.  A book that tells the story of the family, on that given day and time.  It is a different style of shooting from my ‘portrait’ sessions, but we all have such a great time with it.  This fall, I was lucky to share a ‘day in the life’ with a family that I’ve photographed many times before…so I had the advantage of already knowing them.  I won’t share the entire book…just a few 2-page spreads…but I love the gift that this family now has – – a piece of their history.

12 Days of Christmas – Day 9


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