I decided that my photo subject of today’s post was going to be all about clothes.  Because today, ONCE AGAIN, the sinister executives at Gap, Inc. managed to get me to purchase more clothing by enticing me with more of the crazy, ridiculously good sales they’ve had.  So it got me to thinking about how one of the perks of my job is seeing how many cute-clothed kids walk through my door.  I love it!  And it is good for me because my kids aren’t really in the cute-clothing phase anymore…it is a struggle to have to get them to put in a plain barrette or to wear something other than Crocs.  Ok, maybe I’m making them out to be worse than they really are, but the Gymboree days are definitely gone for us!

But as I started to go through the past couple of months of blog-neglected sessions, I quickly got overwhelmed!  Do I choose all girls because I have girls?  Do I choose all boys because I don’t have any boys?  Do I choose only those in color?  Do I choose those only in b/w.  Do I choose those with last names that begin with L?  Ay ay ay…I think I’ll choose those that have 3+ kids!  I’ve got three…and it is a challenge!  So to those parents with more…I salute you!

The 12 Days of Christmas – Day 8


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