Ok, this is actually day 7, but I’m behind!  How does that happen!??!?!  So…I’ll get day 7 out later.

One of the perks of being in a small town is that I know many of my clients personally.  They are friends…neighbors…colleagues.  And teachers.  When my youngest daughter started kindergarten, I was excited to see that she had the mom of a high school senior that I had photographed a couple of years earlier.  And then this last summer, I got to photograph her second daughter’s senior portraits.  So when that same mom asked me to work on a special project for the State High Field Hockey team…how could I say no?  After all, she did teach my baby girl to read 🙂

8x10 grunge collage


The 12 Days Of Christmas – Days 5 and 6

High School Seniors

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