3 French Hens…

That reminds me…I just watched Julie and Julia the other day – – great movie!  I was so happy to hear that Meryl Streep was nominated for both that movie as well as It’s Complicated.  She’s pretty much darn near the top of the list of people I’d want to meet….

And that reminds me…I had a session recently and it was truly one of the most fun and rewarding sessions I’ve ever had.  A couple celebrating their 20th anniversary…their ‘tandem’ anniversary.  I was pretty darn honored that they chose to have me celebrate this milestone with them…and anyone that knows *either* of these people knows that they are darn near the top of the list of people I’m glad I met…

And as an aside, this summer…these two, along with their two children (teen and pre-teen) took on the challenge of logging more bike miles than car miles.  And unbelievably…they did it!


IMG_0772 copy


IMG_0746 copy


broken glass

12 Days of Christmas – – Day 3


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