This weekend I am headed to Atlanta to attend an intense 3-day workshop on studio management.  I am excited to learn new things about how to run my business more effectively…and it is always great to write off a trip to a great city for an educational expense!  My head is already spinning with some changes on the horizon, and I can promise you that 2009 will be a great year for Heidi Lynne Photography! 

In the meantime…some recent favorites…









Atlanta bound…


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  1. Dawn Roberts says:

    Ohhh love that look on the 3rd one! Have a great time at the workshop!

  2. Nina Pomeroy says:

    Great work! Have fun in Atlanta. I hear that conference is the bomb!

  3. lauri says:

    I can see why these are favorites…love the laughter, especially.

  4. Shellie says:

    I love how you capture a range of expressions! I can almost hear the sisters laughing and the pouty girl is just too precious!

  5. Patti says:

    Too cute… I love the little pout in the middle there!

  6. So many cute pictures! I love the little girl in the 5th one down her expression is perfect.

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