And so…winter is here.  Gone are the days of frolicking in the sunshine with my clients.  Gone are the sunny blue skies, warm breezes and the soft grass beneath my toes.  Forget the whole 'gently falling snow' bit…winter brings about bitter cold winds, sheets of ice and days so dark that it doesn't feel like the sun moves out of the 6am position.  Can you tell I need a full-spectrum light to shine on me for 20 minutes a day?!?

So for me…business moves indoors.  And while I love, love, LOVE shooting in client's homes, most still choose to come to the studio when the weather is 'frightful'.  It may not bring the fun challenges that mid-day sun and wide open spaces (in which to chase toddlers) bring…but it does present a different set of challenges for me.  It keeps me on my toes, because I don't want things to look the same…I always strive for that spirit and emotion in my photographs.  And I have to say…I do love the classic look of a dramatically lit or fun spirited b/w portrait…





The classics


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