Some moms are ideally suited to have bunches and bunches of kids.  You know the ones…they are always calm and at ease, their kids are sweet and respectful, and they always look like they are having fun, even when they are at the grocery store or at soccer game #3 of the weekend.  I'm not one of those moms.  I love my 3 girls, but I sometimes think I was better suited as a mom of 2.  I'm doing my best though…I'm always seeking guidance and strength, and sometimes I'm anointed with what I need.

This mom…she is one of those moms who, I believe, was picked out of the line of prospective moms and specifically chosen to be a mom of 5 kids.  Yes, FIVE kids.  That number makes my head spin, but she seems to be handling it all with such grace.  To say that I am in awe of her…that might be a little strong.  But it might be a little true.

Sometimes I ask former clients to let me photograph their kids…because it is for something that I want to do..something that I've been conjuring up in my head.  And as soon as I saw this mom pregnant with her 5th, I immediately knew what I wanted to do.  And she agreed!  It was quick, easy and as you can see…it didn't matter a bit what they were all wearing (contrary to my 'what to wear' bit in my session literature).   IMG_9206

Some moms…


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