My oldest daughter resists going to bed…naturally!  During this time when the other two are sleeping, she often keeps me company in my office, telling me jokes, asking me silly questions (tonight, the strangest question has been…"what is the longest you've ever had to hold your pee?"), and watching me work.  While looking at some of the images from this session, she asked…"Is that a high school senior?"  Meaning…the mom…not the children!  I bet this client will most certainly appreciate that comment!  But…I answered her…

"No, she's not a senior.  She's a really cool mom"

"How do you know she's really cool?"

Good question!  How do I know?  Well…I just do.  I explained to her that the great thing about my job is getting to meet so many wonderful people.  Hearing so many stories…discovering so many emotions…seeing so many beautiful personalities.  I'm so lucky, you see!  Honestly, it is a gift…





Conversations with an almost 10 year old…


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